College in High School 101

Are you looking to get smart on the resources that you need to know in order to become better informed about college in high school programs and policy? If you are new to the dual enrollment, concurrent enrollment, and early college high school policy world, and hoping to get up to speed, we recommend you begin with the following resources:

Glossary of Terms for College in High School Programs

Learn more about what the models are, what they are called, and how terms differ state to state.

The Benefits of College in High School Programs

Curious why policymakers, practitioners, and advocates are interested in advancing access and success to these programs? This short resource reviews the benefits for different audiences.

Research Priorities for Advancing Equitable Dual Enrollment Policy and Practice

Published in June, 2022, this paper provides the most up to date review of what existing high-quality research tells us about dual enrollment policy and practice, and what we still need to learn.

Unlocking Potential: A State Policy Roadmap for Equity and Quality in College in High School Programs

CHSA’s foundational resource for understanding state policy related to college in high school programs, and how to advance it to close equity gaps and ensure high quality.